Wouldn't you love to have "Martha" at your next Event?

Yes, I was asked to be a look-alike guest on The Martha Stewart Show!

It was a very exciting adventure!!!

On Thursday March 22,2007 I received a call from one of Martha's producers asking if I would come to NY to shoot a skit for the show.

At first I thought it was a joke by one of my friends. I quickly realized that this was the real thing. It is not often that look-alikes get to even meet the person they resemble, never mind get invited to be on their show! It all happened very quickly. I was flown out on Monday and the skit was taped on Tuesday, 3/27/07. I don't know when it will air, but that is show biz! All of Martha's staff and the producers that I worked with were just wonderful. I had the opportunity to work with Joey Kola (the comedian), Eva Scrivo (Martha's hair stylist and make-up artist) and Wes (the head chef). When I was in the studio offices, several members of Martha's own staff walked by and said "Morning Martha!” We all got a good laugh. Patti LaBelle was a guest that day, when she saw me sitting in the office; she waved and said "Hi!" One of the staff said, "look, Patti thought she was Martha!"  We had another laugh! Next, when I returned from Eva Scrivo's Salon about noon, the line was already forming for the 2 pm show taping. As I stepped out of the car, people at the end of the line saw me and started yelling: "Martha, Martha we love you, we love your show!" I just waved and smiled. When we got back to the producers office, word had already reached him, that the studio audience got all excited when they saw me. Things couldn't have gone better!

The producers said they would have me back again for another segment.

I am a huge fan of Martha. In December I saw Martha was "Calling all Martha Stewart Look-alikes" on her website, so I sent in my pictures and told her about my 6 favorite stories of when people thought that I was her. When the producer called, she said Martha loved my pictures as well as my stories. I thought Martha was going to have a look-alike contest, so I asked how many look-alikes were being inviting to the show?

She said: "Just YOU!" Martha picked you out of hundreds of pictures as her best look-alike and we all agreed!"

Endorsements don't get much better than that!

Thank you, Martha!