Wouldn't you love to have "Martha" at your next Event?

Sharon as “Martha”

Agent & Event Planers “Look-Alike” Pricing

Prices will be quoted upon verification of the agency.

All Event Contracts must be prepaid to an escrow account at contract signing.

*NOTE: When considering the cost of any look-alike or entertainer at your event, remember that the amount of money you spend on insuring the shows success is a small amount in relation to the total cost of the show.
                    How much are your new customers and contacts worth

All expenses are the responsibility of the client: ie: air (from Los Angles, Orange County, Long Beach or Ontario California Airports only), parking, hotel, shuttle, ground transportation, car rental and gas, to and from the event, and all meals

On Out of the Area or Cross-Country Events there is a 2 nights minimum hotel stay.

Accommodations. Transportation schedules and hotels need to be approved before confirmation.

An Air Travel Day Cost is________ to and from the event outside of Southern California.

Non – Stop flights are preferred at all times.

Southern California Events - ________ per hour for gas and drive time.

Over night stays may be required, depending on the start and finish time of the event.

Prices are based on a 2-hour minimum.


For Meet & Greet, Photography, Unrehearsed Award Presentation and Trade Show Demonstrations.

1st hour - _______

2nd hour - _______

3rd – 5th hours - _______ per hour

6th – 8th hours - _______ per hour

Total for an 8-hour day - ________

This includes 2 - 15 minutes breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and minimum half hour lunch.

Learning Trade Show Presentations, Demonstrations and Award Presentation Rehearsals starts at a minimum of _______ for 3 hours of learning time. This is done the day before the event. Three hours should be enough time to accommodate learning a simple product line as well as developing and rehearsing the presentation.  Difficult products lines and presentations or extensive product lines may require a full day to learn. The full day rate before the event is _________ for 8 hours or ________ for every hour past the first 3. The estimated time can be determined after our phone consultation.

All props are the responsibility of the organizer.

TV rates are based on union scale.

Please call or email for any special pricing for an unusual event.
email: sharon@sharonasmartha.com
Call: 714-464-2161