Wouldn't you love to have "Martha" at your next Event?

How I became “Martha”

For years, as I traveled around the country for my own business, people thought...
                                                   I was Martha.

I could not understand it. Like most of us, we don’t see ourselves as other people see us.
When I looked in the mirror, I only saw me!

One day I was in a store with friends, I saw the “MARTHA STEWART LIVING” magazine. I picked it up and said to my friends “I don’t look like her, do I?
They both looked at me and laughed saying “YES - YOU DO! " I bought the book and when I got home I saw pictures I had on a shelf of me with friends. When I held my pictures next to the pictures of Martha, I was shocked! Oh my God, I do look like her!

My similarities with Martha go far beyond my looks.
I was born and raised in Connecticut where Martha lived. I am very familiar with her East Coast persona and style. We have a similar low tone of voice and East Coast accent.

Martha and I are both from large families. She is one of 6; I am the 2nd of 7. I was raised in a heavily Polish town; consequently, we both love all the same wonderful Polish foods. We both were self-employed and like Martha, I have always had the freedom to call my own shots. (Unfortunately not to her success!) But, like Martha, I have always loved my work!


After being self-employed for 25 years doing trade shows, I worked a year as a Talent Agent and Event Planner. It was here that I learned being a LOOK-ALIKE could be a fun and rewarding career.

This new career allows me to incorporate all the experience I gained from years of traveling the country doing National Trade Shows with my experiences as a Talent Agent.

As a Talent Agent/Event Planner I worked the other side of corporate events. I booked many look-alikes and helped facilitate great events by getting the party going. I was very interactive between the guest and the look-alikes. This experience opened the doors to the wonderful opportunity combining both careers.

Because I owned my own business for many years and I did National Trade Shows, I am very aware of all the expense, time, expectations, planning and hopes that go into every trade show or corporate event. I know that different types of businesses have very different goals by which they measure the success of a show. Some shows are sales driven, others are information driven and others seek exposure and product recognition. But, no matter what the goal is, it can’t be met without getting the attention of the potential customers!    


As - "Sharon as Martha”- I have a unique combination of work experiences to help bring your Event to life!
It would be an honor to work with you to achieve your goals.

“Sharon as Martha”- It's a Good Thing!


Sharon M. Holmes

Website: www.sharonasmartha.com

Email: Sharon@sharonasmartha.com

Business phone # 714- 464-2161